Fall 2018 - current

I enjoy creating contemporary forms with classical proportions and assembly techniques. Creating furniture is an essential part of my design career. It gives me the chance to participate in the entire design process. Craft, subdued presence and a logical construction drive my designs.



Baltic Birch Plywood, 316 Stainless Steel

This dining-room table bench that comfortably sits 3. It’s made of baltic birch plywood and utilizes 316 stainless steel hardware to hold it all together. Steel carriage bolts are milled to sit flush with the surface of the bench. Baltic is flat-packable and can be assembled in 5 minutes with the aid of a socket wrench.



White Oak, Walnut

This is a white oak stool with walnut screw plugs. The legs are embedded in the top, glued, and screwed in place.



White Oak Top, not the greatest 5 ply plywood, steel bolts

This piece is flat-packable in three parts and assembled using 2 bolts. It’s been coated with a black enamel - something I did one more time and probably never again. I learned from this weekend build that it’s best to use an ebony stain so the coloring is one with the wood, rather than a coat on the surface.



Cherry, Baltic Birch Plywood, Velcro

With small sized rooms in cities, people benefit from versatile furniture. I found that without a nightstand I was placing my pocket items on the floor, and there really isn’t enough room for a desk in my room. I created a bed-side table to be both. With a cherry top and removable plywood legs with the help of velcro, I can disassemble and send home.