Hello, I’m Conner

I’m a designer on a mission to bring memorable products and experiences to the people of the world. I approach projects from many angles and contribute to product requirement development, physical product ideation and development, industrial design, environment design, user experience design, and product marketing. I value a high level of craft and form in my design work and am thrilled by the small details that make a product experience stand apart.

I received a Bachelor of Design in Product Design from Carnegie Mellon University. I’m currently creating content and acquiring new customers for Laugh-Masters Academy, in Sydney. I’ll be back at Inokyo in San Francisco come January leading hardware design, and working on user experience, brand identity, and marketing… it’s a small team, we do what we can to keep the ship afloat.

Resume + Contact


Abridged Resume

@Laugh-Masters Academy in Sydney from September to December, 2019 I created marketing content for increased customer acquisition.

@Inokyo from July to August, 2019 I designed the payment terminal that customers interact with in the cashier-less checkout experience. I’ll be back in January to continue designing the hardware for Inokyo.

@Ammunition in 2017 I co-managed the shop and produced prototypes and volumetric studies at the highest level of craft. I’m obsessive about craft. After the model making was complete I developed products with clients.

@Whipsaw in 2016 I was an Industrial Design and Graphic Design Contractor where I worked with two clients on developing brand & voice

Ask me about SolutionShape & pianos.