Spring 2017

This is a fire alarm situated on the wall. The activation of this manual fire emergency call point is clear and simple. When installed, this device sits firmly on any wall surface with a solid base. In its activated state, the Cove becomes a beacon for safety.

Project guidelines were to design and prototype a working model of a manual fire emergency call point, devoid of any color. In future iterations, this Cove device would seamlessly integrate with color lighting treatments throughout the device on the front face and around the base perimeter.


Pulling down on the Cove handle activates the fire alarm, triggers diffused backlighting through a 1/2 inch acrylic sheet, and front glow through the 020 polystyrene vacuum formed face.


I then shortly after downloaded KeyShot and had some fun rendering.


Concept 2

A bolder approach for a more public environment, this beacon’s presence is known.