I use tactile methods to create products and experiences and can often be found at the nearest unattended piano.


Forms get me really amped. When objects feel nice, they just do. I strive to give people objects and forms that get them as excited as I am when creating them. Creating function driven objects 

I use sketching to get the engine warmed up. This process gets my ideas narrowed, but does not hinder me from making many  iterations that are very different in the next stage of my design process.

Make It! In most cases I craft foam or clay models to better understand how the object would look and feel. When focusing specifically on an ergonomic grip, for example, I want to make sure the human hand isn't coming in contact with any uncomfortable edges or surfaces, and that the fingers and palm are supported by the form. This is a really fun process and I end up going overkill with the models...

After the model is made and I feel I'm in the right place, I'll do some technical drawings to then transfer into SolidWorks for theoretical production quality drawings.



Tune is a study of visuals inspired by an original composition. Reflection is a key theme. 





Interested in what I do and want to learn more? Drop me a line and let's chat.