Fall 2018 - current

Designing and fabricating pieces of furniture for my everyday use.



This piece is flat-packable in four parts with 4 carriage bolts for fastening it together. I will use white oak and ebonize the parts after cutting with a final coat of MasterGel to protect the wood. These are preliminary plans and I will begin production this spring.

Bench in a room.134.jpg

Working Nightstand

With small sized rooms in cities, people benefit from versatile furniture. I found that without a nightstand I was placing my pocket items on the floor, and there really isn’t enough room for a desk in my room. I created a bed-side table to be both. With a cherry top and removable plywood legs with the help of velcro, I can disassemble and send home.


Rest Bench

There is a very high chance this is being worked on as you read this sentence. Made of Walnut this bench will give subtle support to the users posture. It’s been a thrill to make.